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  1. 7 February 2019

    The Just Trains Twitch channel goes live next Monday, 11 February and you're very welcome to check in on the first of our weekly Monday streams at 7pm UK time.

    Monday's stream will be hosted by Thomas Harrison - also of Train Sim TV - and will focus on our forthcoming London Underground S8 Advanced add-on for Train Simulator.

    Visit the Twitch page at any time and you can click the 'Follow' button to be notified about future Just Trains streams.

    Just Trains Twitch stream

    Just Trains Twitch stream

    Just Trains Twitch stream
  2. 4 February 2019

    If you'd like to spruce up your German rail fleet in Train Simulator 2019, five new packages of passenger/baggage carriages from 3D ZUG are now on sale - all at low prices!

    3D ZUG DB Coaches Blue

    3D ZUG Bundesbahn Coaches (Umbau) AB3yg, B3yg & BD3yg

    3D ZUG Compartment Coaches Aimz 261

    3D ZUG Silverlings 1970s

    3D ZUG Silverlings 1980s